Caribbean Sea Clear (CSC) was confounded in 2019 by JIFMAR OFFSHORE SERVICES and SOMARA.

The company is proposing a patented response to the Sargassum phenomenon which is affecting the Caribbean Region, a system which was conceived by SOMARA and developed industrially by DAMEN GREEN SOLUTIONS and the MARIS GROUP (Holland).

CSC has acquired specific equipment for the Sargassum Response, consisting of:

  • 1 dredge 150 pump of 600 CBM capacity per hour (that is equivalent to 166 liters per second)
  • 1 crusher /macerator pump Able to dilacerate the sargassum into liquid (for elimination), or to reduce its volume for the purpose of valorization by industries.

The company can benefit from the Multicat multipurpose shallow draft vessel ZOUTI

Besides the Sargassum phenomenon Response, CSC aims to contribute to a clean Caribbean sea and is interested in all the projects that are dealing with this environmental ambition such as:

  • wreck removals
  • dredging work,
  • cleaning of sea bed and rivers, etc..
  • diving support

The company benefits from SOMARA’s salvage equipment which includes one anti-pollution floating barrage, diving compressors, 440 kVA generator, etc.

The company provides diving support and, on a sub-contracting basis, can provide diving services.