One generator, of 330 KVA capacity which can be tuned from 220 volts up to 400 volts (3 phases).

One generator, of 111 KVA capacity with a length of 2.95m and width 1.05m. Weight 1685kgs. It can be tuned from 220 volts up to 400 volts (3 phases).

Both generators are coming with their portable junction box, fitted with 12 power outlets (from 32 amps to 125 amps).


One Tanktainer (certified by DNV) of 25000 liters capacity for recovery of waste oil/sludges.

This tanktainer can be placed on board our Multicat ZOUTI, for offshore collection of waste oils.


One for dry or organic waste, of 30m3

One for steel waste, of 10m3

These waste bins can be lifted by our Multicat « ZOUTI » for offshore operations.


Somara can make available 3 (three) Yokohama fenders of the following dimensions:

2 (two) fenders of 4.5 meters x 2.5 meters

1 (one) fender of 3.5 meters x 2.5 meters


Somara can make available 3 (three) gangways of the following dimensions:

1 (one) of 8 meters

1 (one) of 10 meters

1 (one) of 12 meters


Somara can make available one Ultra High Pressure (UHP) Hydroblaster of 3 250 bars pressure (40 000 PSI).


OP 150. The most compact slurry pump, with excellent suction properties due to its submersed position.

– Production (600m³/h)

– Total head max (5bar)

– Pipe diameter (1300mm)

– Unit weight (1.1t)

It can be placed on board our Multicat ZOUTI to use with the crane.